5 Effective Ways to Become a Morning Runner

Not only does running in the morning make you feel like you’ve added an extra couple of hours to your day, it also gives you a rush of energy and makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something first thing in the morning.

It’s easier to fit morning runs to your schedule and waking up early also means you’ll keep your habits consistent.

Furthermore, since most races start in the morning, it’s probably best to train in the a.m. every day.

Working out early in the morning may seem challenging in the beginning but we have a few tips that can make your journey much easier.

Head to Bed Early

A morning running habit does is not built itself automatically. It requires proper planning the night before.

You may feel like it’s harmless to watch some late night TV and just skimp on your sleep, but sleep is critical for a proper morning run.

Studies show that you need sufficient sleep for recovery and to maintain muscle mass.

Be sure to shut off all screens at least one hour before bedtime.

According to one study, the blue light emitted from cell phones, TVs, laptops and other flashing screens may suppress melatonin levels in the body.

Melatonin is the sleep hormone that is influenced by light and dark.

A Harvard study also indicates that exposure to blue light may even contribute to obesity and type-2 diabetes.

It’s also important that you have a high protein lunch 4 hours before bedtime.

High protein sources encourage muscle recovery during your sleep and keep you fuller for longer.

Research shows that having late night snacks stimulates the production of the hunger hormone, ghrelin, which not only makes you crave for more food, but also affects your natural circadian rhythm.

Make sure you give yourself enough time to get seven to eight hours of sleep.

After completing a couple of morning runs, you’ll notice that your body will tire earlier than usual, making it easier for you to get to bed on time.

Sleep in Your Running Clothes

Since you’re already waking up an hour or two early, you want to make sure you make full use of it.

If you’re guilty of spending too much time in the mornings choosing your workout clothes – this trick is especially for you.

Alternatively, you can lay out your running clothes the night before so that you nix this step completely when you wake up.

Tag Along with a Friend

Having a workout buddy or a running app keeps you accountable.

Take this a step further by asking your workout buddy, instructor or trainer to leave you a tweet about seeing you in the morning for your run.

With this step, you know the whole internet is holding you to your workout.

Take Your Alarm Off Your Nightstand

And put it somewhere way across the room so that you have to get up and walk to it to shut it off.

Be sure to turn up the volume all the way high as well.

When you get out of bed to turn the alarm off, it’s much easier to separate yourself from your bed early in the morning.

Remember that becoming a morning runner means you cannot let excuses and obstacles hold you back – you have to cut the two completely.

Place the alarm next to your running clothes, just so it acts as a reminder to why you’re waking up early.

As a bonus, try setting your alarm to a truly unpleasant ringtone.

Have a Set Training Plan Ready

If you’re training for a race and have a set training schedule, it’s much harder to call off your morning runs.

According to one study, having an action plan can help strengthen your intention to build a habit – which in this case is running in the morning.

Signing up for a race gives you a goal to work towards.

You’ll think about how much progress you have to make before you run your race and realize you need to wake up.

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